Our Story

We hate food waste, and are committed to the fight against it.

“I just can’t stand the waste – it’s immoral…” explained David the berry grower to his friend Paul.

“The team have spent months looking after that crop; pruning, watering, feeding and generally making sure that it has all it needs. We even bought in extra beehives as there were so many flowers. The whole team has busted a gut and every bush is now loaded with sapphire-like blueberries – the plumpest sweetest berries you will ever taste.

Now the buyers say that they don’t want it as they have too much…”

This was the start of a new journey for the three friends, a journey that has stretched their imagination and resolve but that has succeeded because of their passion to make a difference and to help a mate. This journey has reached a destination, with the creation of a range of snacks under the brand ‘Squished’ which rescues surplus berries and transforms them into the most delicious and satisfying snacks.  

They have now rescued thousands of kilos of berries that otherwise would have been wasted by developing a novel process that rescues, preserves and transforms them. They have built a factory, a wonderful team and a desire to do more.

Squished – No Berry Left Behind

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