Sustainable Ingredients for Manufacturers

Sustainable Ingredients for Manufacturing

Great Quality Ingredients

Although we like to shout first about our sustainability credentials, we know how important it is that our ingredients are high quality, easy to use and competitive against alternative products. Our fruit is Grade A surplus, our process produces a format that is easy to use in all baking and cooking applications, and our pricing is competitive against commonly used alternatives.


100% Name Ingredients Only

Our ingredients have nothing added. Our fruit is air-dried into fruit leather sheets and then sliced and diced into the ‘crumb’ that forms our product, before being bagged and boxed. During this process we don’t add any sugars, syrups, oils, bulking agents, flavour enhancers or preservatives - the product stands by itself, just 100% fruit.

We manage the ingredients ourselves so oversee the whole process, from sourcing the surplus fruit to air-drying it in our specialist drying rooms. The manufacturing process is located just south of Chichester in the shadow of the South Downs, surrounded by British growers with plenty of surplus.

UK Sourced Fruit

Our fruit is 100% sourced in the UK. All fruit farmers have a surplus, much of which would normally go to waste (a process they have to pay for). We take this Grade A surplus and use it to produce our ingredients. Not only does this provide a purpose for high quality fruit that would otherwise be food waste, it delivers a valuable income source to UK farmers.

Important to us is the relationships with the fruit farmers and we have been cultivating (excuse the pun) these over the past couple of years to ensure high quality output, as well as efficiencies in the supply chain.

Products & Uses

Our ingredients in Apple or Blueberry can be provided either in 3kg bags or in branded 200g pouches. We currently supply commercial bakers with 3kg bags, with the “superfood” blueberry ingredient proving particularly popular. They have since gone on to use it for:

-Snack bars
-Cakes in many forms
-Energy balls

This list is not exhaustive and feedback from the chefs and NPD teams at these facilities is that the ingredient packs a punch of flavour and is incredibly easy to spread through mixes. It’s also suitable for ice cream, yoghurts, cereal, and has even been trialled in savoury snacks such as sausage rolls and scotch eggs.

Squished has developed its own snack range which uses the rescue fruit ingredients.

We can deliver in a range of pack sizes to suit your needs, so please give us a call or drop us an email to request samples, pricing and more information.

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